So who’s repping this shit then?! We’ve got a tight Team of CrapSack dudes and dudettes showing the world how it’s done! Wonder what they store in CrapSack?

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Corey Copeland

”Since I’ve been blessed with a Burgamo CrapSack I’ve not had my car keys dig in to my leg whilst eating shit…”

Jason Rickwood

”I’m a greedy Welsh bloke so I’ve got 2 CrapSacks, one for my beard trimmers and the other one to make me look cooler than I am.”

Will Smith

”I’m gonna hide my X-Games Real Snow gold medal in my Blurred CrapSack. If I don’t win I was robbed.”

Sarah Sadler

”My CrapSack is super handy to store all the eyeballs I acquire from corpses.”

Sarah Fish

”I keep a tissue in me GypSack to wipe the sand out of my vagina on a daily basis.”

Mia Brookes

”Baccie and skins! Me dads made me start smokin to stop me growin.”

John Weatherley

”Maaaaaate, I don’t even like my TrapSack, I just wear it cuz I feel sorry for CrapChap.”

Matt Roddis

”My MassiveHunt CrapSack keeps my Drugs and Burgers fresh on the hill, NO more soggy lettuce or bent doobies.”

Nauris Putenis

”Now I’m an international bad-ass I don’t really need this shitty CrapSack sponsor but I can’t bring myself to tell CrapChap. So yeah i keep a spare beer for sending it properly.